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Sea to Sky Country

Originally published by author / photographer John Bartosik this book has gone through seven revised printings since 1984. It is now published by Harbour Publishing.

Sea to Sky Country is one of Canada's most splendid national treasures. This spectacular 160 kilometre corridor of land, only a few minutes' drive from downtown Vancouver, runs along the foothills of BC's Coast Mountains from the mouth of Howe Sound to Garibaldi Park, Whistler and Blackcomb and the Pemberton Valley. Here, photographed with skill and sensitivity by 27 professional photographers (including the author John Bartosik) is the very best of Sea to Sky Country-craggy mountaintops, lush rainforest, crystalline glaciers and fertile farming valleys; bald eagles, whistling marmots and delicate sub alpine wildflowers; year round deep-powder ski resorts, steaming natural hot springs and superb golf courses; and most of all the people - a unique breed of skiers, windsurfers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, lumberjacks, rodeo stars and every other kind of adventurer.

There's something for everyone in Sea to Sky Country and something for everyone in these glorious pages. The best photographic images from the area are combined with a zesty local history, choice portraits of local characters and a few insider tips on getting the most out of a truly wild and magnificent place. This is a book for anyone who's meeting Sea to Sky Country for the first time, savouring some great memories or just indulging in a special dream.

  • photo book
    • Sea to Sky Country
      John Bartosik
      ISBN: 1-55017-165-8
      Hard cover / full colour
      9" X 12" 136pgs.
      $39.95 (CAN)