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Barrie Country

Published, authored and photographed by John Bartosik, Barrie Country, the first of its kind, celebrates life in Barrie, Ontario and the surrounding area. Barrie Country is a visual feast portraying attractions and events, scenic countryside and natural splendour.

The truly representative images are stunning and breathtaking, as well as sensitive and subtle. Many predawn awakenings were necessary to utilize the magical colours captured and well reproduced. The attempt to isolate the best of Barrie is well executed; artistry keeps in stride with subject matter. The photos are colourful, optimistic and playful, capturing the beauty of this area.

Along the Beaten Path, the title of the 4 pages of introductory and historical text in the book written by Bartosik is accompanied with archival images. The historical account outlines how glaciers were instrumental to the way history unfolded for Barrie. The resulting blend of style, artistry and subject matter tells one that as a whole, Barrie Country was produced not as a testament to its creator but as a tribute, to this unique place that some of us have visited, or chosen to be our home.

Barrie Country, is an eloquent expression of the heart and soul of Barrie,Ontario.

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    • Barrie Country
      John Bartosik
      ISBN: 0-9691873-8-6
      Hard cover / full colour
      9" X 9" 64pgs.
      $25.00 (CAN)